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August 10, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
Arms out rooftops

Hairspray running in my mouth

Lightning strikes but we don't care

Spinning on a rooftop

Naked and frozen

I feel in love again

And I paint pictures of you

On my eyelids

When I can't see you

You always seem to take me

Where i've never been

but wanted to go

wordlessly you know

and i know

we fight with the power of our

unspeakable chemistry

all our past lives

wait outside our door

so i can pull you inside me again

feeling yo...
June 18, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
today is the day

i'll slip into my own skin

start living as myself

through myself

stop letting you influence my

every move

i awaken to new found dreams

and start resting on my own wealth

i'll relearn how to take my steps

focus on my lost pride

pick myself up of this solid ground

stop trying to be your somebody

June 17, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
dont loose yourself sarah

keep putting it together

let go sarah

losen your steel grip

tell yourself how fascinating you are

you'll keep them coming

you always have

over the top today

flying so high over circus clouds and tents


sew some pieces sarah

youre living on a diet of chai and cigarettes

mmhmm my favorite

and pills lots of pills

windows down music out into the air

tell me a story a singsong story

about heartbreak

i want to hear ...
June 15, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
And the world keeps

Crashing down on me

I'll take a chance

And you'll break my spirit

I can't keep up

With my own visicous cycle

Post office man

Ship me away from myself

To the one who can't hurt me

I know the shipping is high

Over the ocean

Put me up

 ship me off to

The one who took a chance

20 days two years ago

I'll let the ashes

of the memories

of all those who weren't so brave

out in the sea

I still believe in you and me.
April 27, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
Barefeet, Concrete

I'd follow in your steps

There is something absolutely magical about this girl

Wide smile and dark eyes

is where I go

Mass of mossy brown hair

Curtains me in

You are all i can see

Maybe I'll melt into this most beautiful unveiling

my short lifetime, my little worn heart

Has taken.
March 7, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
The smell of your skin

Is still in my sheets

So when I duck under covers

I am forced to face

Your feeble pleasebabychildplease promise


Teddy and I

Doused on cologne

To soak you up

Wash out your half assed few and far between days

We can't seem to get out the stain

That sweet memory left

Fuck you and your pretty promise

That I bought into

Take your damn John Mayer

Your false ideaologies

Your beautiful face

Please please

February 12, 2008 by NotSoSmellySarah
Someday I'll wake into myself
Take down your face
From my mirror
And cry some happy tears
For once

I'll dance stark
And naked in the rain
Bow down to some goddess hearts
I know in truth

Tell vagina tales of my demise
Make Ms. Ensler proud
Hold my arms open to beautiful
Broken Ruthless Women
Whose tales must be told

I'll hold down a fort
For some godbabies and long crafted friendships
Maybe a bulldog named Louise
Build bridges made from strength
and burn some made from...
December 12, 2007 by NotSoSmellySarah
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December 3, 2007 by NotSoSmellySarah
Heres what I know about me
I'm lost in between words and worlds apart
from where I need to be
And I'm a silly hearted girl
And no one gives a damn
A flat fuck
Or ass of any kind
What I say
People listen when other peoples words float out of my mouth
and to their ears
When I'm on a stage
but everywhere else they put gags in my mouth

You'll create your own version of me
And with the help of blinders
Thats all you'll see
You'll think I'm fascinating
That I complete your everyth...
November 23, 2007 by NotSoSmellySarah
The studio is safe
The place where we
Release everything
Find everything
Yell Scream Kick Cry Laugh Out Loud
And no one is hurt
React the way we want to
In the infamous real world

Theres a soft buzzing in my ear
Your voice is flat, and I hear
Youre yelling youre condescending
You treat me like a child
I repeat and repeat
In this haze
Suddenly a spark
Impulse in my nervous stomache
Guttural noise from my throat
Its gone
Lost in the struggle
Floundering in ...
March 22, 2007 by NotSoSmellySarah
Your scent
Sickeningly sweet passing through my nostrils
Setting on my uneasy stomache
It clings to my hands, and when I touch my face
Or lie them on my pillow
You are in my midst
Like you have been so many times before
I have to wash it from my hair
It clings to my fabric
In my every pore
Even the smell of my own bed sheets
Of my room Of my Burberry perfume
Takes me to that time
I'll push you aside
I'll seek you out
I'll try my hardest
And I'll fail.

I'll find myself again...
February 1, 2007 by NotSoSmellySarah
The number four isn't so bad
I tell myself
Just one hand
The fingers of just one hand.

Pointing in stern disbelief
Obliging you to come hither
Expressing my anger, my more than slight vulgarity
Eager defiant feminism even on my back.
The ring
Its bareness, it seems to be saying I broke the rules
Of someone elses game.
Small, pink flesh childlike, my impatience
I have room: the thumb the sturdy stablity

When fingers trace over the keys ...
September 8, 2006 by NotSoSmellySarah
I never have the right words to say, but when your small lips are
entwined with mine,
I find that its okay
I'm shy and I'm restless
And i wish i could express anything to anyone
Something to impress
Your gentle mind
Somewhere I know that this is sort of love for you from you
I'm not sure I want to
I wish I could bare my soul barefoot on coffee house stage
And make you believe that to leave her would mean everything
Be perfectly imperfect to make you thing about me in the morning.

September 5, 2006 by NotSoSmellySarah
Its so nice to be away from everyone and everything no one knows me here...I have been having a great time with Natalie and my roomate. My classes started today, and my first is my stagecraft class which will eventually involve power tools. Acting is all I'm actually good for, I've never done crew stuff before. Not because I'm a diva, I just can't..I'm not creative like that..give me lines. I have auditions for Rocky Horror Show in a couple of days for the student run theater called The Lost Fla...
August 31, 2006 by NotSoSmellySarah
Today is a little brighter
You say youve been ballistic
Thinking about me
I blush pretty deeply
Wishing things were different but today i'm okay...