kind of out of order and doesn't quite make sense
Published on August 10, 2008 By NotSoSmellySarah In Sex & Romance

Arms out rooftops

Hairspray running in my mouth

Lightning strikes but we don't care

Spinning on a rooftop

Naked and frozen

I feel in love again

And I paint pictures of you

On my eyelids

When I can't see you

You always seem to take me

Where i've never been

but wanted to go

wordlessly you know

and i know

we fight with the power of our

unspeakable chemistry

all our past lives

wait outside our door

so i can pull you inside me again

feeling you weight

baby girl

suit and tie

arched back and curled toes

lets laugh first.

on Aug 10, 2008

Not afraid of lightning uh?!

Nice prose!